How to Reserve - Questions & Answers

Once you have selected an available apartment for rent, according to your dates and number of people, please fill in the reservation form and book online by paying the reservation fee through our secured payment page or put a 24 hours option.

You can confirm your booking in 3 easy steps:

1/ You pay online the booking fee to secure your reservation (by credit card visa, american express, master card or JCB).

2/ The second payment is made directly to the owner either by credit card or by bank transfer. Private Homes will inform accordingly.

3/ The third payment will be made at the check in upon your arrival, except for bookings with 6 months notice (in which case the total payment will be requested 1 month before arrival).

Please, note that reservation fees paid to Private Homes are non refundable whatever is the date of cancellation, in accordance with the European directive 97/7/CE . Regarding the deposit to be paid to the owner, please check the cancellation policy described in the apartment details.

Do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information about our booking procedures. You can also call us (local fares):

From Australia: (02) 80911962 From the US: (415) 800-3835 | From France: 09 70 44 70 92 | From the rest of the world (international fares): +33(0) 9 70 44 70 92

* If you wish to book an apartment more than 12 months in advance, please contact us by email before payment


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is the booking fee included in the total price?

      2. Is the booking fee refundable?
        No. After sending the booking confirmation to the owner, the booking fees are not refundable.

      3. Will the "Security deposit" be paid back?
        If no damage is done to the apartment and its content/amenities’ - Yes of course. For many apartments, the security deposit can be paid by credit card and be refunded on the credit card. For some apartments, the security deposit is replaced by card print (not debited if no damage done, if any problem after your departure, no refund to expect considering your card has never been debited).

      4. Is the electricity included in the rent?
        For short term rental less than 2 weeks stay or 1 month stay, depending on the property: Gas, Electricity, Water/Hot water are included. For mid & long term rentals - 3 months or more, electricity and gas are not included in the monthly rent.

      5. Is there additional payment for Tax?
        No. All taxes are included.

      6. If I cancel, what will I be charged?
         - Booking fees are not refundable after our booking confirmation.
         - For rent, please see the apartment's details page.

      7. Early check in
        Your booking starts from normal check in time of the day of your arrival which depends on the apartment (for more detail, please read the policy of the apartment you have chosen). The welcome agent can accept early check in, only if the apartment you booked is ready to welcome you. It usually depends on the departure time of the previous client and the housekeeping organization as well.
        If you absolutely need to access to the apartment in the morning, we recommend to book the day previous to your arrival date in order to block the property for you.

      8. Late check out
        The welcome agent can accept that you stay in the apartment in the afternoon only if there is no other arrival expected the day of your departure. Unfortunately it depends on the other booking so we, as well as the owner, cannot confirm the possibility of late check out when you book. If you absolutely need to use the apartment in the afternoon or up to the night, we recommend to book until the date of your departure. * In some cases we note there is possible for certain apartments to do late check out (up to 4PM) according to the check in/out conditions - it may be accepted after paying 50% of daily rate.

      9. May I visit the apartment before booking?
        For all short term rental apartments, we cannot disturb the clients who are staying in the apartment at that moment. For this reason, we cannot accept visits for a short term rental previous to your arrival date.

      10. What is the exact address of the apartment?
        To protect the privacy and the security of our clients, we do not publish the street number of any apartment. The address will be communicated once you have already booked with us. Either the property manager or the owner will send you the contract including the address.

      11. Is there additional housekeeping service during our stay?
        There is no housekeeping service intervention during your stay included, unless your stay is superior to 7 nights - and it is possible to add it for several number of apartments.
        To order additional housekeeping, please see our "Services" page and please contact us with the apartment's number.

      12. What do I have to do after booking?
        A) You will receive the contract and/or welcome message with instructions from the property manager/owner.
        B) When you receive the contract, sign and return it to the owner and pay the booking deposit within 48 hours (a part of rent is to be paid in advance). 
        C) Confirm your arrival details (arrival airport/train station name, arrival time at Paris airport/train station) at least 1 week before your arrival date to get the instructions about your check in as well as how to come to the apartment: by train, taxi or bus.
        D) On your arrival day when you leave the airport/train station, give a phone call to the welcome agent to reconfirm your arrival.

      13. Is there an Airport transfer service?
        Yes. Please see our "Services" page to discover all services provided by Private Homes and our partners.

      14. Is the booking fee refundable?
        No. After sending the booking confirmation to the owner, the booking fees are not refundable.

      15. Which dates are bank holidays/National holidays in France?
Some bank holidays are fixed dates (for example Bastille day, July 14th) but there are also movable holidays (for example Easter Monday).
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